It's completely normal to feel vulnerable sometimes, we are only human and we all have insecurities. But what if there was a way to turn your vulnerability into your superpower? 

Follow these top tips to get in the right frame of mind to turn your vulnerability into your superpower:

  1. Understand how you mask your vulnerabilities with negative emotions, denial, or by blaming your problems on external sources. 

  2. Recognise that masking your vulnerabilities in this way can result in negative feelings of self-hatred, apathy or even depression. 

  3. Change your mindset by taking responsibility and deeply acknowledging your personal situation without letting your vulnerability define you.

  4. Tear down those walls by reaching out and being honest with others about how you feel. You might find out that more people can relate to you than you think, and you'll feel a great weigh lifted off you shoulders.

  5. Commit to your new mindset - Small continuous efforts will help prevent negative thoughts and feelings from snowballing again, a good mindfulness routine can be greatly beneficial.  If you feel the negative mentality creeping up again, focus on your wellbeing with some self-care activities which can lead to a heightened awareness of the good things in life

We hope you find these tips useful in turning your vulnerabilities into your superpowers!

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