We have many thousands of thoughts every day, ranging from what you want to eat, what happened that day or what you think you should or should not do.

However, repetitive thoughts on negative aspects of our lives, can have a drastic effect on our mental health. 

Here are some tips from LifeHack and Every Mind Matters to help change these negative thoughts to more positive ones.


  • Recognise the thoughts you are having are negative. 
  • Challenge with a but I... E.g. I overslept but I feel more refreshed 
  • Write or get someone you trust to write a list of your positives, keep nearby to remind yourself. 
  • Speak to a friend, family member or medical professional about your thoughts. 
  • Celebrate the wins big or small 
  • Try a different way of approaching a problem. E.g., what if I.....


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