This unprecedented period of change and disruption has been very difficult for many autistic people and families. So the National Autistic Society (NAS) have a wealth of tips, advice, strategies and useful resources you can access online.

Find information and the latest guidance on:

  • Support & social care
  • Strategies for coping with lockdown
  • Benefits & employment
  • Mental Health & wellbeing
  • Accessing supermarkets
  • Fighting for your rights for support

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Supporting Autistic People As Lockdown Eases

Lockdown has been difficult for many people. But when we were in full lockdown across the UK things might have felt more certain, as the rules were more clear. Now things might start feeling less clear, and there may be new challenges

Autistic people in particularly may struggle with leaving their homes and returning back to school, work and community activities in a  world that can seem both familiar and changed. The National Autistic Society has produced a guide to offer ideas and resources which
may be helpful for professionals and families supporting autistic people.

Download the Supporting autistic people as lockdown eases guide.