Leeds Autism AIM have produced a series of tools to help autistic adults in Leeds manage during the Coronavirus pandemic. These include information guides, planners, self-advocacy resources to help you speak up and useful links for things to do while we’re under lockdown.

The list of resources that form the toolkit will be updated at regularly. Access the Toolkit here - Leeds Autism AIM Coronavirus Toolkit

Watch the YouTube video to explain how the toolkit works:

Christmas 2020 Information Booklet

AIM have also produced an information booklet for autistic adults in Leeds all about what’s happening this Christmas and New Year period. The booklet is in PDF format and includes:

  • Online and in-person support and online groups for anyone who might be lonely or isolated
  • What the latest guidance is on Christmas Bubbles and on being in a Tier 3 area
  • Info on public transport services
  • When supermarkets and banks are open
  • When services like post and bin collections are running
  • Mental health resources
  • Info on food banks and food aid in Leeds
  • A page of fun activities and events

Download your free copy - Leeds Autism Aim Christmas 2020 Information Booklet

Keeping Neurodivergent People Connected 

Leeds Autism AIM and Advonet are running a free service to keep neurodivergent people connected in Leeds and provide advice on how to staysafe during Covid-19. For more information visit www.advonet.org.uk/keeping-neurodivergent-people-connected/

The Leeds Autistic Get-Together

Leeds Autism AIM are running the Leeds Autistic Get-Together on Zoom next Tuesday, 7th July (5-6pm) and is free to join.

The Get-Together is an online peer support and check-in session, led by and run for autistic adults in the Leeds area with little or no funded support.

It will be led by autistic members of the Leeds Autism AIM staff team and steering group. The group is for offering peer support to each other and checking in to see how we are all coping during lockdown. The past few months have been a difficult time for some autistic people and this is the reason for creating the group.

For further details visit www.leedsautismaim.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/the-leeds-autistic-get-together-online-autistic-led-peer-support-session or send an email to [email protected] to get involved 👍