World Compliment Day was officially started by Hans Poortvliet in his home country of the Netherlands. His aim was to make a holiday that addressed the very human need for appreciation and recognition.

When was the last time you gave a compliment?

Providing a compliment can have a positive impact on the world. Something as small as a "Well Done" can increase happiness and can make individuals feel appreciated. Appreciation is one of life's greatest motivators, so when we take the time to let people know that we value them, it inspires them to continue doing even more.

Start Today!

If you wish to make a positive impact on the world, remember that giving a compliment is an easy and powerful tool! Giving a complement might seem difficult but it doesn't have to be. "A little appreciation goes a long way and can brighten up somebody's day."

Start by turning to a friend, a colleague or a family member and remind them of the appreciation you have for what they do.

Rahul in our HR Team would like to start of by saying:

I have a massive appreciation for everyone within this organisation. All the support workers, Volunteers and Admin staff constantly work hard to make LAS one of the best organisations which I have worked for

Take a look at our World Compliment Day guide for some heart warming inspiration!

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash