Mentally Healthy Leeds (MHL) is working with Humans Being to deliver a fantastic course for women in Leeds called Women Supporting Women.

The course is about women supporting women to improve their wellbeing and confidence by looking at these main areas:

  • Self care - Learning to put yourself first when you need to and treating your mind and body as if you were acting like your own best friend.
  • Positive Thinking - Focusing on the positives in our lives
  • Assertiveness and setting boundaries - How can we stand up for ourselves without falling out with others?
  • Being your kind of woman - The role of gender stereotypes on women, how to be aware of this and challenge it in lockdown
  • Stress and relaxation techniques - What stress is, where it comes from and tricks and tools for feeling more relaxed.

See the Women Supporting Women guide for more information and feel free to share it with friends and family.

The 6 Week Course starts Thursday 25th Feb 10am -11.30am on Zoom

To book your free place please contact [email protected]