Wellness is nothing more than small daily choices that lead up to lifelong changes. Anyone can achieve wellness and it doesn’t require lots of money, time, or Jamie Oliver’s kitchen skills. Take 10 minutes each day to focus on a different area of wellbeing:

  • Mental Wellbeing - e.g. do 10 minutes of mediation, deep breathing or self-reflection
  • Physical Wellbeing – e.g. do 30 minutes of exercise
  • Social Wellbeing – e.g. Call friends and family for a chat
  • Financial Wellbeing – e.g. Take time to budget for the month ahead
  • Sleep Quality – e.g. Create a bedtime routine to ensure you get enough sleep
  • Diet & Nutrition - e.g. Try some new healthy recipes

The Wellbeing Calendar gives you a task to complete each day that will help you improve an area of your wellbeing.

Download here, print it off and work through it alone or with your family and friends to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Stay happy and healthy and have a fabulous month