It's week 3 and we have now completed 347 miles of our Virtual Walk challenge. That is 732,366 steps!!

Well done to everyone who has submitted their steps for this week! As a group we managed to walk a further 167 miles from the week 2 totals and we have now reached marker number 21, Birley Edge near Sheffield on our route map.

Click the Virtual Walk Google Route Map link to see where we are!

Week 3 Location Guide

The Activity team has created this fun location guide to teach you about all the places we have virtually passed through on our route this week. The guide covers marker numbers 11 Alveston (Gloucestershire) to 21 Birley Edge (South Yorkshire). 

Download Week 3 Virtual Walk guide.

You can also use our Virtual Walk Interactive map to use Google Street View and see the places we have visited virtually.

We are now in South Yorkshire, so it's not long till we reach the Leeds Autism Services bases!

Week 3 Progress!

LAS members and our staff team have all made fantastic efforts to put in the steps and rack up the miles this week. 


We have some great fundraising efforts underway, so please check out our fundraiser pages Fundraiser pages to support the team to reach their goal! Charity fundraising has been very difficult to coordinate this year due to covid restrictions and social distancing measures. So we really do appreciate every penny donated to us.

Our fundraising target is £500 for the Virtual Walk event so please feel free to share with family and friends to help support a local charity with a big heart.

How Far Left To Go?

We have 500 miles and approximately 1,000,000 steps left until we reach our finish point which is the John O’Groats signpost, in bonnie Scotland!

Keep up the great work team! :) 

Get Involved

It’s not too late to get involved! You can send steps and photo’s of your walk to us by: