Week 1 – Land’s End to Meldon (98 miles)

We’ve completed a whopping 98 miles in the first week of our Virtual Walk challenge! That's a group total of 196,860 steps!!

We have now reached the number 5 marker on our route. That means we are now in the little hamlet of Meldon, Devon by the beautiful Dartmoor National Park.

To follow our route throughout the challenge, click the link to view the map Virtual Walk Google Route Map 

Interactive Activities

To make the virtual walk more fun, our team have created an interactive map so you can see where you are in the country at street level by using Google Street View. To view this map visit Virtual Walk Interactive Google maps.

Our team have also created a fabulous guide full of information and photos of each of the place markers visited on our route, so we can all learn more about the beautiful British Isles.

Where Are We Now?

Download the Week 1 Guide Virtual Walk - Land's End to Meldon to see place markers 1 to 5 and learn about:

  1. Land's End - Start
  2. Camborne - Penzance, Cornwall (20 miles)
  3. St Enoder - Goss Moor Nature Reserve, Cornwall (40 miles)
  4. Bodmin - Bodmin Moor, Cornwall (60 miles)
  5. Meldon - Dartmoor National Park, Devon (80 miles) 


The fundraising efforts have begun!

Go check out supporter pages www.las.uk.net/Pages/Fundraisers to donate or even set up your own fundraising page.

Our Progress

LAS members and our team have been doing a great job clocking up the steps this week. Joe's been walking down Calverley Canal, Michael's been cycling around Leeds, Robert's strolled round Middleton Park and Jack's been for a wander in the woods!

Well done everyone, 98 miles is a great team effort!

To find out all the details about our Virtual Walk from he route, how to get involved or even fundraise for our event visit our Virtual Walk event page

Keep an eye out for our Week 2 Update!