Pilates for Wellbeing

As much as we all love our work, it can impact our bodies; maybe you are sitting for long periods at a desk, or during support sessions, or maybe you find yourself walking for many miles, carrying shopping or bending to clean.

Holding yourself in a prolonged position or doing repetitive movements may build up tension in your muscles leading to aches, pains and tiredness.

What Can We Do To Help?

Rehabilitating our bodies and keeping them fit for daily activities, hobbies, and work is crucial. It helps prevents injury and keeps up our energy levels plentiful for what we do best, supporting others. Sound good? Try Pilates in order to improve your mental and physical fitness!

Check out our Pilates For Wellbeing guide to learn more about the benefits of Pilates, and access the NHS Pilates Videos for Beginners.

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