Essential and key workers play a hugely important role by supporting people to stay safe and healthy, helping them to live fulfilling lives and keep services running; during the pandemic it's been cleat to see just how much they enrich our lives. While key workers spend so much time thinking about the wellbeing of other people, they might not always prioritise themselves.  
If you are an essential or key worker, there is free help available. Whether you prefer receiving support and advice by text, phone call, or from reading online resources, we've got you covered!
Check out our guide to find out more about:
  • Our Frontline: text KEYWORKER to 85258 or call 116 123 
  • Shout: KEYWORKER to 85258
  • Samaritans: call 116 123
  • Mental Health At Work: online resources can be found at
If you, or someone you care about needs some additional support, please reach out ❤️