Washing hands and wearing face-masks are key steps to preventing COVID-19 – but they can also dry out your skin and cause various skin rashes.

With winter fast approaching, it’s important to consider your skincare routine to ensure your skin is protected during the colder months, when skin can get dry and itchy. With skin care issues affecting many of us today, the Mayo Clinic has provided the following skin care tips:

Hand Care

  • Be gentle on your hands
  • Wear gloves when cleaning
  • Moisturise moisturise, moisturise!
  • Combine moisturisers
  • Don't ignore early skin protection

Facial Care

  • Adopt a regular skincare routine
  • Avoid products with petroleum
  • Use a barrier ointment or bandage
  • Ease blisters
  • Treat acne

Don't give up on washing hands and wearing masks, as these are critical prevention measures against COVID-19.

In the meantime, download our Skin Care During a Pandemic wellbeing guide to find ways to protect your skin.

Please Note - If you develop cracked skin that starts to bleed, blisters turn into ulcers or become infected, or if you have a serious skin reaction, talk to your doctor promptly.

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