LAS and Brick 42 teamed up with Retro Events to co-host an afternoon of retro gaming at The Belgrave Music Hall on Friday, 13th December.

The event consisted of 25 classic consoles with games like Mario Kart, Pokémon, Goldeneye, Smash Brothers, Bomberman, Micro Machines, Point Blank, Pacman, Street Fighter and Tetris to play on. 

We aimed to create an autism friendly event all about gaming, socialising and having fun with like-minded people, in an environment that can be more tailored to sensory needs.

To be Sensory Friendly:

  • The lights were turned low
  • No music played
  • The volume on the consoles was lowered
  • We advised people with auditory sensitivities to bring ear defenders
  • There was no quiet room, but the event, as a whole, had a relaxed atmosphere
  • No dress code

The event was a great success in bringing people together who share a love for gaming!

The Sensory Friendly Retro Gaming afternoon preceded the official Retro Games Night, a hugely successful night showcasing classic videogames, collectables & geek culture.  

If you enjoyed the sensory friendly afternoon, we are hoping to run another one soon! Keep an eye on our events page!