Goodbye Ashlar House

After over 35 years since it opened, Ashlar House has finally closed it's doors. Of course, Ashlar House is where it all began for Leeds Autism Services, so it's an emotional time for us, but we know it's a fantastic outcome for the people who lived there. 

Jack, Andrew, Michael, Chris, Tim and Trevor have moved into their new homes. Their new houses are lovely, modern, domestic properties far more suited to their lifestyles. 

Plans started to support the guys to move around 4 years ago, and we're thrilled that the move has finally been possible. 

We'd like to thank the families and carers of the former Ashlar House residents for their patience and support in the run-up to the move. 

We'd also like to thank Leeds City Council for their help during the project, Mencap who will support the guys in their new homes, and Leeds Federated Housing, who own Ashlar House. 

We will still be supporting everyone who lived at Ashlar House through our Vocational and Community Services, so we won't be losing touch with anyone! 

Ben and Joseph's New House

Ben and Joseph are also starting their next chapter, and have a brilliant new house to stay in. 

They're getting support from St. Anne's Community Services, and Leeds Autism Services, and we're really happy with how well they're settling in. 

Although this is a big step for Ben and Joseph, we're sure they'll flourish. The lads have grown up together, and have a brilliant friendship, so we know they'll make the most of it. 

Congratulations everyone, wishing you all the best for your new beginnings! 

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