Online abuse of autistic people is a hate crime. On Saturday the National Police Autism Association published the follow press release:

"The National Police Autism Association (NPAA) are today aware of a trend on social media site TikTok called the #AutismChallenge - reported as 'the worst thing on social media'.

What seems to have begun as a well-intentioned campaign to raise awareness and acceptance of autism has escalated, which has resulted in the abuse of autistic and disabled individuals. This is a hate crime, and it is not acceptable.

We advise any autistic person experiencing such abuse to report it to their local police service. Objectionable content on social media should also be reported via the platform's reporting facility.

The NPAA works with all UK police forces to help support autistic victims of crime, as well as continuing to support those within the law enforcement community whose lives are touched by it."

Read the full press release TikTok 'Autism Challenge'