Can you believe it? Yes a whole day dedicated to dogs, from family companion dog to working service dogs. Founded in 2004 by Animal Activist Colleen Paige, the 26th August is a day celebrating dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, recognising all the great things dogs do for us. From being family pets/companions, aiding law enforcement, detecting explosives and contraband, and providing assistance to people with additional needs, dogs have a number of super powers. 

Health Benefits

We can experience a number of health benefits from interacting with our four legged furry friends:

  • Dogs can provide you with companionship, helping you feel less lonely

  • Dogs can help reduce your stress levels, and improve heart health

  • Dogs can help reduce the symptoms and effects of depression

  • Dogs can help keep you fit and active

Healthy & Happy Dogs

We think the best way to recognise your furry friend is by making sure they are happy and healthy. Here are our top tips on keeping your dog happy and healthy:

  • Keep vaccinations up to date

  • Regularly provide flea and worm treatments

  • Microchip them in case they get lost

  • Provide access to fresh water especially during warm weather

  • Provide them with health nutritious food to support a healthy diet

  • Provide them with regular exercise to prevent excess weight gain

  • Regularly groom their fur

  • Provide adequate shelter and bedding to rest on

  • Check for ticks, especially in warm weather

  • Ensure good socialisation with people and other dogs

Download our wellbeing guide to National Dog Day