You might not have heard of St Piran, never mind St Piran’s Day, but this figure is central to the culture and identity of Cornwall, who hold him up as their patron saint and he’s also the patron saint of tin miners, who flocked to the south-west county to discover this naturally abundant metal.

We started our Virtual Walk challenge here in Cornwall last year, so to help you re-live the adventure, why not check some of the activities on offer.

While celebrations can’t go ahead as normal this year, there are plenty of virtual events taking place for you to get involved in!

Get that Feel Good Friday Feeling by joining in some of the festivities today:

  • Make a Cornish Pasty with Amateur World Past Champion Gillian Francis
  • Join in the St. Piran's Day Sing-A-Long
  • Watch the Truro St.Piran's Day Celebratory Film
  • Join in with the Trelawny Shout Sing-A-Long
  • Learn more about Cornwall by joining the Bys Kernow, A Cornish World event

See our guide to St Piran’s Day to boost your wellbeing and learn more!

Photo by Red Zeppelin on Unsplash