Happy Feel Good Friday
Get your finances under control with this 6 step guide on creating a manageable household budget. It also includes a useful template that you can download or print off to use as a basis for your own workings.

What is a Household Budget?

A household budget is a plan that summarises your earnings and spending habits, so you have a clear idea of where your cash is going. Provided you stick to it, a budget plan will help you keep on top of your spending,and make sure you don’t fritter away more than you earn. It can also help you work towards your financial goals, such as getting out of debt, saving for a mortgage, or putting more away for your retirement.

6 Simple Steps

  1. Get organised
  2. Add up your income
  3. Calculate our essential spending
  4. Review your disposable income (non-essential spending)
  5. Compare your income and expenses
  6. Draw up a budget you can stick to.
Read about each step in more detail in our infographic below or download the Effective Budgeting Guide.