We have discovered a brand new website all about autism. Designed by autistic people, the Autism Understood website is packed full of useful information, resources, and advice to help people understand autism better. 

The Autism Understood website was created by Spectrum Gaming, a community charity for autistic young people with 3 main aims:

  1. Building friendships: creating a community where autistic young people feel comfortable and can make strong friendships in a safe way. The main provision is the online community, that anyone from across the UK can access. They also run meet ups for young people who live in the Greater Manchester area.

  2. Increasing Self-Acceptance: making sure as many autistic people as possible are able to accept their differences and live the happiest lives they can.

  3. Advocacy – creating a movement that will have a positive influence on society through advocacy, and enable strategic change to ensure the needs of autistic young people are met across the UK.

The website was designed as a comprehensive place where young people can find reputable information about autism after their diagnosis, due to the large amount of misinformation about autism online.

Check it Out!

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