Leeds Autism Services have again been given an Accredited Award by the National Autistic Society.

This award is given when provisions are employing a person-centred approach showing a consistent understanding of good practice strategies and tools in supporting autistic people.

Autism Accreditation is an autism specific quality assurance process which we purchase from the National Autistic Society. It tells us what we're doing well, and how we can improve.

Click here to find out more about the Autism Accreditation process. 

We're really pleased with the report, and it really goes to highlight the skill, insight and dedication our staff team put into their work.

We'd like to thank all our members who took part in the accreditation process, all the families who responded to questionnaires and took part in interviews, and of course, our staff team for the wonderful work they do each and every day. Well done everyone! 

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