Autism is a variation in how the brain is structured which is characterised by differences in how people perceive and interact with the world around them, compared to the neurotypical (i.e. non-autistic) people.

These differences mean autistic people often have difficulty interpreting and understanding social cues. This can make life very difficult for many autistic people, and can result in high levels of anxiety, social isolation and serious mental health problems. Autistic people may also have difficulty recognising danger, and can be at increased risk of harm or vulnerable to abuse by other people.

Autism is often referred to as the ‘autistic spectrum’ because it affects each autistic person differently, and no two autistic people are the same. 

Here is 'Amazing Things Happen', a great short film by Alexander Amelines which aims to promote understanding and acceptance of autism in future generations; this video is a great way of helping non-autistic people understand what autism is.