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We can help and provide advice for professionals working with autistic and neurodivergent clients. Use the buttons below to find out more or submit an enquiry. 

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Social Care Institute for Excellence 

These two videos look at the techniques and skills that care workers and social workers need to support autistic people and help them achieve their goals.

SCIE’s Guide: Improving Access to Social Care for Adults with Autism looks at how social care services can improve access to adults with autism. 

Royal College General Practitioners 

The RCGP have an online course to help GPs improve support for people on the autism spectrum.

Library Science Degrees Online

Library Science Degrees Online have an article about making spaces more accessible for autistic people: Unlocking Potential: Innovative Library Programs Enhancing the Lives of Autistic Individuals

While the article relates specifically to libraries, many of the ideas could be transferred into other settings. 

Warning: This is a US based article, so some of the language used is not in-keeping with what UK readers may be used to. The article also contains references to functional labels. However, we have decided to publish it as some of the ideas around accessibility are very worthwhile.