Leeds Autism Services 

Leeds Autism Services are a charity dedicated to helping to create a more autism friendly society. We have been helping people with autism reach their true potential for over 30 years.

We campaign for the rights and recognition of autistic people, and believe that education and understanding of autism is the key to creating a more autism friendly society. We work with families, communities and businesses to encourage a better understanding of autism and are able to provide information, advice, bespoke training and consultancy.

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Leeds Autism AIM

Leeds Autism AIM is a free service for autistic adults in the Leeds area who receive little or no funded support. They are part of The Advonet Group, an independent advocacy charity in Leeds. 

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Specialist Autism Services

Specialist Autism Services has worked exclusively for and with adults (18+) on the autism spectrum and their families since 1999. They are a non-profit organisation that works with the charity Sacar to provide autism specific services across the Yorkshire region.

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Connect In The North 

Connect in the North is a Centre for Inclusive Living led by people with learning difficulties. They want people with learning difficulties to have control of their own lives, and equal power in the world. 

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Through The Maze 

Through the Maze is an information and signposting service in Leeds for adults with learning disabilities, family carers and professionals.

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Tenfold/Forum Central 

Forum Central facilitates a network and forum of third sector learning disability organisations in Leeds.

Forum Central supports the work of its learning disability membership organisation to improve services and opportunities for people with learning disabilities in Leeds.

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Carers Leeds 

Carers Leeds operates the single point of access for all carers in Leeds and offers information,  advice and support.

Call their advice line for information or advice about your caring situation or someone to talk to.

Carers advice line – 0113 380 4300: Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

You can also e-mail the advice line – [email protected]

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