World Autism Acceptance Week aims to draw attention to the 700,000+ autistic people living in the UK, to educate and improve autism understanding, and to help make the world a friendlier place for autistic people and their loved ones. 

The 2022 acceptance campaign, highlights a movement from autism awareness, to autism appreciation, inclusion and understanding. 

This year we will be holding a host of fun events especially designed to be autism friendly and accessible from Quiet Shopping Hours, activity workshops, presentations, fundraising - all topped off with our BIG Quiz at the end of the week.

What's Going On 

Tuesday, 29th March 2022 - Quiet Hour 

Trinity Leeds launch their first Quiet Hour (10am-11am)! Developed to make the shopping centre a more accessible environment for autistic shoppers, who may find the usual shopping experience difficult or distressing.

Adaptions will involve:

  • Turning down music
  • Turning down or reducing levels of in-store lighting
  • Limiting background noise and less chatter
  • Reducing tannoy announcements
  • Limiting strong smells

Stores taking part will have these posters displayed in the window to make all shoppers aware of the adaptions and help promote the benefits of the quiet shopping hour for a whole variety of people.

There will be staff on hand from Trinity Leeds and Leeds Autism Services in the shopping centre to answer questions and help make the launch a great success!

Visit our stand on the First Floor central atrium space (next to Marks & Spencer and Rocks) to talk to our friendly team and enjoy the quiet shopping experience. 

Tuesday 29th March - Quiet Tuesday (10am -12pm) White Rose Shopping Centre

White Rose Centre host Quiet Tuesday every week, with adaptions in the centre to make the shopping experience more accessible and inclusive for autistic shoppers. Cineworld, White Rose's on-site cinema also hold autism friendly screenings.

So staff from White Rose Centre want to celebrate #AutismAcceptanceWeek by hosting a stall in the central atrium and Leeds Autism Services will be joining them. 

Join us to find out about all the adaptions and adjustments on offer at the centre and how the friendly team are on hand to help make your shopping experience a positive one.  

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Leeds Autism Services have been invited to give a presentation at the Eastgate Job Centre to talk about the experiences of autistic job seekers an how the Job Centre can better support autistic people in their search for employment or volunteering experiences. 

Eastgate Job Centre aim to become a pioneering centre for autistic job seekers by working to gain their first Autism Acccrediation from the National Autistic Society. They have changes to the environment and the way job coaches work. 

Follow our social media pages for updates for how we get on.

Friday, 1st April 2022

To end the week, were hosting our annual Autism Acceptance Week BIG QUIZ! Come test your trivia and have fun with our virtual quiz hosted on zoom (1-3pm).

To join, contact our team at [email protected] for the passcode. 


Support Our Appeal

If you would like to support Leeds Autism Services during #AutismAcceptanceWeek visit our appeal page to find out ways you can raise vital funds and help us achieve our aim of creating an autism friendly society.

You can also contact our team for our FREE awareness campaign posters aimed to promote autism understanding, awareness and acceptance in schools, colleges and workplaces.

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